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In 2022, we continue to do what we love; enabling more and more learners to achieve their National Senior Certificate through innovative distance education solutions.

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This is the best online school in South Africa. I would suggest them for any parent who wants their child to home school without you as the parent being the actual teacher.

– Dawie Martins, Proud Brainline Parent

We are part of the Brainline family for 9 years now. We have great support from the Brainline Team. The curriculum and platform are very user friendly. Thank you, Brainline.

– Tanya Diedericks, Proud Brainline Parent

Brainline is for me the best choice for homeschooling. They don’t just send you books with work in them and then leave you to figure it out. The work is divided and detailed to make it easier to teach the kids. The support from Brainline, with the different online classes for the kids and parent-teacher conferences, is so helpful.

– Anonymous, Proud Brainline Parent

Thank you, Brainline, for all you have done. My son, grade 11, loves his classes, teachers and school. His confidence level is so much higher, and the once-distant thought of achieving distinctions is becoming a reality! Thank you, Brainline – the school is TOPS!

– Anonymous, Proud Brainline Parent

Brainline has given us the ability to ensure that our child is receiving the THOROUGH academic education she deserves. The curriculum is extensive and absolutely user-friendly. The software is a treat to work with, and the admin is always available to help where needed. I love Brainline, and so does my daughter. I can rest easy now knowing that her education is top-notch, not just the “bare minimum”.

– Anonymous, Proud Brainline Parent

This is my fourth year with Brainline. I am very happy with the way they are organised and help me as parent to ensure that my children have a positive learning experience and good quality education. They even have PE online! Thanks to Brainline, my children stayed on track during the pandemic and had no delay or interruption in their education. I highly recommend Brainline to anyone who wants a good QUALITY online education for their children.

– Anonymous, Proud Brainline Parent

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For more information and a full breakdown of our products

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