8 key factors to consider when choosing an online school

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Choosing an online school can be a daunting task, especially with misleading information circulating in the market. Brainline understands the importance of transparency and aims to dispel misconceptions while highlighting the key factors to consider when selecting an online school:

  • Experience: When exploring online schooling options, it is crucial to look for a school with a well-known brand and years of experience in online learning platforms and curriculums. An established track record in methods of online instruction and assessment will ensure a seamless and effective learning experience for students.
  • Accreditation: Parents should prioritise online schools that are registered with an examining body, such as the Independent Examinations Board, which is accredited by Umalusi to offer the National Senior Certificate (NSC). This accreditation guarantees that the education received complies with the requirements of the school’s examining body and the Department of Education. Valid reports and NSC qualifications from accredited schools are recognized by other institutions, locally and abroad.
  • Online Classes and Resources: Consider whether the online school offers live online classes or relies solely on pre-recorded sessions. Qualified teachers leading interactive online classes can significantly enhance the academic support provided. Additionally, look for schools that provide comprehensive resources, including learning materials, a library, and a platform for accessing additional information.
  • Learning Environment: A well-designed online learning environment is essential for a positive and productive online schooling experience. Look for online schools with user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive to navigate, even for those without advanced computer skills. The availability of interactive features that facilitate communication and collaboration with classmates and teachers can greatly enhance the personal feel of the online environment. Additionally, ensure that the technical requirements align with your home setup, ensuring easy access to the learning platform.
  • Programme Diversity: Online schools often offer a variety of programmes and subjects, allowing learners to choose the one that best aligns with their needs and goals. Consider the flexibility and academic support provided by the programme. Moreover, assess the online school’s range of subjects to ensure it aligns with your child’s future aspirations and career choices.
  • Parent Access to Student Analytics: Parents should also have access to relevant, up-to-date reports about their child’s performance and participation in online schooling, which is crucial for effective management of their educational journey. These reports provide valuable insights into the child’s progress, enabling parents to make informed decisions and provide necessary support.
  • Support for Special Needs: A good online should also have systems in place that enhance the identification of learning difficulties and provide professional accommodations such as extra time, readers, or prompters during examinations, ensuring equal academic opportunities for learners with special needs.
  • Opportunities to connect with teachers: Parents should determine whether an online school offers scheduled opportunities for direct connection between teachers and learners, fostering effective communication channels. Choosing an online school that enables direct communication with teachers ensures a valuable engagement and support system for both learners and parents.

Brainline understands the importance of making an informed decision when choosing an online school. By considering these key factors, parents and learners can confidently navigate the landscape of online education and select a school that suits their unique requirements.

About Brainline:
Brainline is a leading online school operating in South Africa, offering a comprehensive and interactive curriculum for grades R to 12. As a registered member of the Independent Examination Board (IEB), which is registered with Umalusi, Brainline adheres to rigorous academic standards and assessment practices. With a focus on individualized learning and flexible study options, Brainline empowers students to excel academically while accommodating their unique circumstances. Through innovative online learning methodologies and expert academic support, Brainline ensures an engaging and rewarding educational experience for students.

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Coleen Cronje, Brainline CEO: coleen@brainline.com

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We offer various programmes for Grade R–12, as well as Adult Matric.

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