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B-Active With Brainline.

At Brainline the saying; a healthy body hosts a healthy mind is not just a phrase, it is our mantra!
We are therefore super excited to announce a new partnership with the B-Active Group! They are focused on developing children’s confidence, skills and fitness through exposure to sports experiences and will be offering custom-made active sessions for our Brainliners.

“When you feel good, you have a much better chance to make good decisions.” – Ming Sun
B-Active session introduction

Grade R-3

During the Gr R-3 sessions, our main priority is fun, using our take on AI games we are able to use educational stimulating content to promote activity in our youngsters. Children are not receiving the care needed with their physical development, therefore B-Active has formulated a plan to combat this issue whilst still maintaining our main focus and priority; having fun whilst going on an active, healthy, lifestyle journey together!

Grade 4-7

In our Grade 4-7 sessions, we are instilling a love for a healthy lifestyle by using interactive activity to allow our learners to enjoy keeping active. These sessions also incorporate fun AI games but with an extended fitness routine, to adapt to the higher grades and the age of the students!

Coach Jordan

Hi Brainline students!
My name is Coach Jordan but you can call me Coach Batman!
I have a passion for children and sport and my goal is to bring a fun-filled, active, healthy, lifestyle journey right to you! I want all you special boys and girls to gain a love for sports and fitness like I have whilst we have lots and lots of fun together in our lessons! I can’t wait to see all of you at our lessons!

Coach Erin

Hello Brainline boys and girls!
My name is Coach Erin and my favourite superhero is Black Panther.
I love working out with you and playing all our fun fitness games in our lessons! My passion is with fitness and children, and my goal is to Be Active with all of you! It’s so great that you guys get to join us every session and I cannot wait to see you all every lesson!

Make sure you have the following ready when taking part: 

  • Suitable activewear (there will be lots of jumping and moving around) 
  • Water or juice 
  • A great attitude
Now get ready for a super fun journey into your active healthy lifestyle!
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