Brainline Clarifies Misunderstandings About Registration and Accreditation of Online Schools

by Jun 26, 2023Press Releases

Brainline, a leading online school operating in South Africa, seeks to address the confusion surrounding the registration and accreditation of online schools. It is important to clarify that online schools in the country are not recognised or regulated by the current legislation governing traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, but that this does not affect the validity of the qualifications provided by legitimate online schools.

While the current legal framework for schools in South Africa pertains specifically to physical institutions, it is crucial to note that Brainline is registered with the Independent Examination Board (IEB), which is in turn registered with Umalusi. This registration ensures that Brainline adheres to rigorous academic standards and assessment practices, offering accredited and high-quality educational experience for students.

Brainline acknowledges the importance of addressing the evolving educational landscape and recognises the potential benefits that online schools could offer South African students. We are actively engaging with policymakers and relevant stakeholders to explore the development of appropriate legislation and regulatory frameworks for online schools. Our objective is to ensure that any future regulations align with the best interests of students, guaranteeing quality education and safeguarding their rights.

We urge all stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, parents, and students, to exercise caution when considering or making claims about the legitimacy of online schools. While there is potential for the growth and development of online education, it is crucial to establish the necessary legal frameworks and quality assurance mechanisms to protect the interests of students and ensure educational excellence.

Brainline remains committed to collaborating with all relevant stakeholders to create a robust and inclusive educational environment. We will continue to advocate for the advancement of online learning and work towards the development of appropriate legislation that recognises and supports online schools.

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About Brainline: Brainline is a leading online school operating in South Africa, offering a comprehensive and interactive curriculum for grades R to 12. As a registered member of the Independent Examination Board (IEB), which is registered with Umalusi, Brainline adheres to rigorous academic standards and assessment practices. With a focus on individualized learning and flexible study options, Brainline empowers students to excel academically while accommodating their unique circumstances. Through innovative online learning methodologies and expert academic support, Brainline ensures an engaging and rewarding educational experience for students.

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