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Brainline Takes Hands With Edublox

Is your child struggling to read well? Battling to concentrate, plan or organise? Do they have poor memory? Do they read slowly and hesitantly, or spell words like they sound (e.g. ‘rite’ for ‘right’)? Do they have difficulty with mental arithmetic or mathematics in general? Or do they simply need some support with languages?

Brainline has taken hands with Edublox Specialised Reading, Maths and Learning Service to assist our students with these challenges. Edublox specialised reading, maths and learning services focus on educational interventions comprising cognitive training, reading, spelling, comprehension, and maths.

Exclusive discounts for Brainline learners.
Brainliners will receive an exclusive promotion on a variety of discounted services (terms and conditions apply).

Local services

South Africa and Namibia

Edublox services, available in English and Afrikaans, include:

  • Reading and learning classes
  • Focused interventions
  • Specialised language courses
  • Study methods courses
  • Our bridging programme
  • Online self-service options
International services

Edublox Online Tutor

Edublox services, available in English and Afrikaans, include:

  • Development Tutor
  • Reading Tutor
  • Live Tutor

Please note: Normal prices are shown, but discounts of 2.5% to 10% (depending on the product) are exclusively available to Brainline clients.


How to plan and present the most effective reading lesson for your child

Date: Wednesday, 25 November 2020
Time: 18:00

Exclusive to Brainline Clients in collaboration with Edublox

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