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How to cope with poor matric results?

Distance Educator, Brainline, says it is important that the Class of 2020, who expect their matric results over the next few days, prepare themselves emotionally and psychologically for whatever the outcome may be.  

The Independent Examination Board (IEB) will release its results on Friday, 19 February, while the Department of Basic Education will release their results on Monday, 22 February. Umalusi has also approved the release of the 2020 National Senior Certificate (NSC) results earlier this week. Brainline Mentor, Liezel Bruwer, says with the release of the results only days away, anxiety, stress and excitement levels are at an all-time high.

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‘It has been a very difficult year for the Class of 2020, having had to cope with a radically different environment due to Covid-19. It is, therefore, important to take this into account but also to remember that the results don’t define you as a person and that everyone has a different set of skills, knowledge and attributes,’ Bruwer says. Learners who do not achieve their expected results, she says, may experience disappointment and stress ahead. She says it is important to discuss various options with your family and teachers and to put things in perspective.

‘The most important thing is not to panic. If your results are lower than expected, work through your options with your parents and mentor. Contact your tertiary institution and discuss your marks with them, if you fear that it might have an influence on the entrance requirements,’ Bruwer explains.

Bruwer says there are also other options available besides asking for a remark.

‘If you were registered for the October/November 2020 exams and completed the Oral, PAT, Practical and SBA components, you are eligible to register directly with the IEB to write the May 2021 exams. Students who deferred some subjects to May and learners who want to improve their marks may do so. There is no restriction on the number of subjects you may register for.’

Bruwer says another alternative is to repeat Grade 12 to improve all the subject marks.

‘In the bigger picture this might be a good alternative for certain learners who did not fare well due to various circumstances and poor results might influence their future plans. It is, however, important not to make any rash decisions. Don’t rush, take your time, weigh your options, don’t be influenced by friends or news headlines and make the right decision for your future.’

Bruwer says parents and mentors should support learners over the next few days by talking through their anxiety and doubts about the future. Learners should also look after their own well-being by making sure they eat healthy and get enough exercise and rest.

Brainline is IEB recognised. Learners who are enrolled with us to complete their final examinations and who fulfil the requirements for this qualification will receive their National Senior Certificate (NSC), as issued by Umalusi.

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