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Brainline says preparations well underway for the Grade 12 final exams

Brainline says preparations well underway for the Grade 12 final exams
Homeschool Educator, Brainline, says preparations for the Grade 12 exams are well underway and students are currently busy with their preliminary exams in preparation for the finals.

This comes amid calls by teacher’s union, Sadtu, for the matric exams to be further delayed from 5 November to 26 November to allow learners more time to prepare. Brainline CEO, Coleen Cronje, says while Brainline continued uninterrupted during the recent school closures, a number of adjustments had to be made to accommodate a large number of Grade 12 students who joined from public schools.

‘We were inundated with new Grade 12 students who joined our ranks since the school closures at the end of March. In most cases, our new students did not complete the work that is compulsory for a valid School Based Assessment, also known as the year mark,’ she says.

Cronje says new Grade 12 students have also received additional support to ensure they cope with the added stress and challenges.

‘We were very happy to accommodate these students through our extensive catch-up programme and assessments prior to the Prelim exams currently underway.’

Cronje says the emotional, physical and educational well-being of students remain a top priority and to this effect, Brainline has implemented a number of on-going support programmes for Grade 12 students and the rest of the learner compliment.

‘Learners are able to engage with teachers on a regular basis, our in-house mentor are also hosted regular sessions with parents and students and we will continue with our free weekly online sessions with a qualified clinical psychologist to assist our clients to cope with all the added stresses, especially as we’re nearing the final exams,’ Cronje says.

Brainline is IEB recognised, which means that learners follow the South African National Curriculum (similar to the curriculum offered in South African schools) resulting in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) upon successful completion of their matric exams. Cronje says they are awaiting the final matric exam schedule from the IEB.

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