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How Brainline Prepared for the June Exams – Cloud School Teacher Adele Drenth

The June exams for Brainline’s Gr 8 – 9 learners started this week, while the Gr 10 – 12’s kicked off earlier this month. Ahead of the exams, teachers assist students with preparations and here is an overview of what this process entail:

The preparations for the June exams started in May. What does this entail?
Students need to prepare for the exams amid the lockdown period and teachers are, therefore, standing by to assist learners during the preparation time. Examination preparation classes for most of the subjects are scheduled. During these classes the necessary demarcations are given and discussed, while problem or difficult areas are explained again. Students can also ask the teacher questions. In some of the subjects, old questions papers or extra worksheets are revised as an additional exercise. In others, the teachers give a summary or brain map of the work.

Why is there a need for preparations?
Students mainly work at home on their own and managing time can be difficult. These prep classes help the student focus on topics that are important for the exams. It is also a time for the student to assess on what level he/she is with regards to covering and mastering the content, before the exam papers are written.

When does the actual exams start?
Gr8-9 start on 25 May. Gr10-12 already started. Exam papers are scheduled daily, depending on the subject choices of the student. Gr8-9 mainly write in the morning session.

How has the lockdown affected preparations and the overall moral of students?
Students are a bit stressed due to some factors like invigilation and finances, but processes are in place to assist those students. Preparations have not been affected from our side due to our online environment. Students have access to classes and learning material from various platforms. It is the normal mid-year exam highs and lows 😊

Students will not be allowed to write tests at centres, how will it be conducted?
The process is set out in our Assessment Guidelines. The actual completion of the exam is recorded by a registered invigilator, via several applications like zoom or photo recording on a smart phone. The recording is stored online for our Assessment Aspects Department for reference. There are also alternatives for students not being able to print their exam paper.

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