Get a report with passing marks


Flexible & compliant programme


Enjoyable and socially safe learning journey


Easy to use and understand programme


Step-by-step guidance for parents & learners


Social interaction/safe/environment for child


More time to pursue child’s talents/ passions: Sport, cultural, music, art, community, etc.


Timeous feedback from school/teacher – direct feedback/spoon feed mentality


Active intervention on student progress by teachers


Spend more time with their kids & build more intimate relationship with their child

Programme breakdown

How-to guidance & informative sessions for parents


Virtual tours on learning platform & online training sessions

Support centres & tutors listed on the Brainline website


Interactive classes, qualified teachers, structured lesson plans, progress reports, timeous feedback, compulsory subject requirements to proceed.


Product choices

Structured vs independent (flexible programme), for parents dealing with time-management issues.

Progress reports/continuous reporting on learning platform


Engaging learning environment

with teachers and other parents/ child, active learning system, direct communication between child/ parent & teacher, Push notifications (pre-set alerts) to mobile and email

Social events

Camps, tours, safe communication platforms and socially engaging assessments.

A Word

From one of our students

” The main reason why we chose Brainline for Willem is because of the high standards as well as the fact that they are like a very close family at the school. Brainline taught my child responsibility and independence. It also helped with his self-motivation and discipline. Compared to other students of his age from other schools, Willem is definitely on the right track. “

– Tinus Nel, Willem’s Father

Academic Head Grade R-7

Gerda Remmert

30 years’ experience in teaching.

Favourite dish: Stir-fry
Favourite movie: Pay it forward
Hobbies: Reading
In my spare time I do: Spend time with my family.
What you do not know about me:  I love my pets and comfortable shoes.
If I did not become a teacher, I would have become a…: Social worker
Favourite place in the world: Wherever the family is.
What I will take with me (item) if my house would burn down: Photo album
Motto: Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you decide to judge.

Product Options

Grade 4-6

R6500/per year
  • Source your child’s study material.
  • Complete the CAPS syllabus at your own pace.
  • Don’t want to be bound by timelines and set schedules.
  • Don’t necessarily have regular internet access.
  • Comply with the legal requirements.
  • Option of obtaining a Brainline report.
Our Products

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Admission requirements

Successful completion of the previous grade is recommended.

Enrolment period

Enrolments are open throughout the year. Assessments scheduled for a date after enrolment need to be completed.

What do I need?
A printer and scanner and internet access are required.


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