Grade 12 IEB National Senior Certificate

Your National Senior Certificate is in sight!

This is your home stretch towards your ultimate FET goal – an Umalusi accredited NSC! Brainline IEB-aligned for Grade 12 provides a student with the opportunity to control how, when and where he/she studies as well as access to unique resources he/she needs to have the best learning experience. Dynamic additional support and a compliant assessment a programme empowers a student with the skills required to advance to the NSC.

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In order to achieve a Grade 12 National Senior Certificate, accredited by Umalusi, with the IEB as examining body, a student:


Must follow a structured learning programme based on the IEB requirements, yet may do so in the comfort of his/her own home.


Comply with the legal requirements.


Must complete scheduled tasks, tests and examinations to accumulate valid Grade 12 SBA portfolio.


Needs the assessments to be assessed by experienced subject specialists.


Needs to receive progress reports after each assessment cycle.


Needs a valid academic record for future academic prospects.


Will benefit greatly from the unique academic support and guidelines supplied by Brainline throughout the year.

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January | brainONLINE available

February | Enrolments close 16 February 2020

March | Cycle 1 Test Series

April | Cycle 1 Task submissions

May | Cycle 2 Task submissions

June | Cycle 2 Test Series

July | Recess

August | Cycle 3 Task submissions, Preliminary Examinations

September | Recess

October | IEB NSC Examination Start (Brainline Exam Centre)

November | IEB NSC Examination

December | IEB NSC Results (Expected)

Subject Choices

To qualify for a National Senior Certificate, a learner should complete 7 subjects: one Home Language, an Additional Language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, and a minimum of 3 NSC approved subjects.



  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language

*You need to attend a compulsory scheduled oral session in Grade 12 at one of our five branches.

Natural Sciences

  • Physical Sciences*
  • Life Sciences**
  • Agricultural Sciences***

*Mathematics is compulsory.

**Compulsory practical examinations in Grade 12 at a designated Brainline branch. Additional fees apply.

***Life Sciences is recommended.

Economic Sciences

  • Accounting*
  • Business Studies
  • Tourism

*Mathematics is highly recommended.

Mathematical Sciences

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy


*The student must have access to his/her instrument, must have passed at least Grade 2 theory and practical from an accredited examination board, and must be receiving private lessons that focus on (at least) Grade 3 theory and practice.

  • Grade 12: Passed Grade 4, busy with Grade 5 to complete at the end of Grade 12 (Practical & theory.)

Engineering and Computer Sciences

Engineering Graphics and Design*

  • Computer Applications Technology**
  • ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY – Digital Electronics (Grade 10 only)***
  • ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY – Electronics (Grade 10 only)***

*Additional software required: TurboCAD 21 Deluxe. An A3 printer is required.

**Requires the full professional version of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office 365 containing these full versions will also be accepted. Compulsory practical examination in Grade 12 at a Brainline branch.

***Required Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering Graphics and Design as compulsory subjects.

Culture and Arts

  • Dramatic Arts*
  • Visual Arts**

*Compulsory practical examinations in Grade 12 at a designated Brainline branch. Additional fees apply.

**First-time students of Visual Arts are required to submit a portfolio of work as prescribed by Brainline.


  • Geography
  • History
  • Life Orientation
Admission requirements

A comprehensive academic record of having complied with all requirements of Grade 10 and 11.

Assessment integrity

Tests and examinations are made available according to the prescribed assessment schedule and accessed via a unique password. Students complete the portfolio assessments under the supervision of an independent invigilator who is registered at Brainline by the student. IEB NSC examinations in October/November must be written at one of Brainline’s IEB-approved examination centres.

Enrolment period

Closes in February.


The minimum duration is one academic year.

Did you know?

Completing some subjects in year one and the rest of the subjects in a second year is possible if you:

  • don’t have sufficient study time;
  • lack prior knowledge of Grade 10 and/or 11
  • do not have the financial means.
  • experience barriers to learning.

Brainline is proud to include the compliant brainMATHS Study Programme that offers students a unique opportunity to grasp this important subject, with the IEB-aligned product. 

Prescribed content for other subjects is available for purchase either as ebooks via your personal ebook library or as hard-copies. These approved textbooks from well-known publishing houses have been hand-selected to best assist students to excel. 

Additional unique resources are continuously developed by subject specialists and are added to brainONLINE for students to utilise. These include:

  • tutorial and examination preparation videos,
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • additional subject notes, and
  • summaries.


Marking guidelines are provided post-assessment on brainONLINE for all assessments and for core subjects, these are complemented by detailed video discussions conducted by subject specialists.

Students need to visit brainONLINE at least once a week to stay up-to-date with new dynamic content and resources.

Assessment takes place on brainONLINE. This is where we communicate with students, and where assessments are downloaded and are uploaded once completed. Feedback on assessments and communication from Subject Heads is also accessed on brainONLINE.


Assessment items include tasks, oral assignments, tests and examinations, and depending on the subject requirements, may include Practical Assessment Tasks and practical examinations at a designated venue.

Progress reports are issued after each assessment cycle. These provide a valid academic record for future academic prospects. The NSC results are usually released by the IEB towards the end of December.

40% or more for a Home Language and two other subjects

A minimum of 30% for the three remaining subjects.

A student may have less than 30% in one subject in order to pass.


Single Subject

Grade 12
R5750/per subject
  • Single Subject Package
  • a structured learning programme based on the IEB requirements in the comfort of his/her own home.
  • comply with the legal requirements.
  • complete scheduled tasks, tests and examinations to accumulate a valid Grade 12 SBA portfolio.
  • assessments assessed by experienced subject specialists.
  • receive progress reports after each assessment cycle.
  • a valid academic record for future academic prospects.
  • unique academic support and guidelines supplied by Brainline throughout the year.
  • Daily/ and or weekly virtual classes given by qualified teachers.
  • There is an additional compulsory IEB Fee of R 1275.00 per subject
  • Practical fees:
  • R 1300 CAT Practical Exam written dedicated Brainline Centres
  • R 1300 Life Sciences Practical conducted and written at the assigned Brainline Centres
  • R 2800 Consumer studies Practical at Montana, Brainline Head Office

How to access your study material 

E-books can be purchased from
How to access your study material

Step 1

  1. Enrol at  
  2. We create a Microsoft 365 Student account for each learner, which they can access by visiting These accounts will be activated within 24 hours of receiving the Brainline welcome email, sent upon enrolment approval.

The Brainline learner will use his/her unique Microsoft credentials to log in to Snapplify at where they can purchase their digital books. 

Step 2

  1. Download the list of prescribed and recommend books for the year from: 
  2. Go to: log in with Microsoft, using the learner's unique account details that we provide upon enrolment. 
  3. Navigate to the shop and purchase each book in accordance with the list you downloaded in Step 1 that is relevant to your child. 

Note: Purchased books are automatically loaded to the Snapplify Reader and must be accessed there. 

  1. Go to and select your device type. Download the application/installer and install it on your device. 
  2. Open the application and log in with your child’s username and password (created in Step 2). 
  3. In the application, you will see the items you have purchased available for download. 
  4. Once you have downloaded the books, you can access the learner's study material.

If you need any assistance, please send an email to 

Printed hard copies can be purchased from Credobooks or Protea Bookshop

Please note: Not all study material is available in hard copy format.


Bringing the classroom to life

Virtual classes become a reality with Brainline.
  • Engage in weekly bilingual online classes, presented by qualified teachers via video communication technologies.
  • The virtual classes are complimentary and an added resource to the set curriculum, at no extra cost to the learner
  • Revolutionary home education for today’s learners accommodating the digital age through technology
  • Learner-centred teaching hub, focusing on teaching and facilitation
  • Online classes that break down the invisible walls of traditional teaching presenting the curriculum in innovative ways
  • All classes are recorded and made available for later viewing.
Roster Example
Kindly note that these are only estimated time tables aimed at providing you with an overview of the online class schedule.
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 – 8:45


Agricultural Sciences

Dramatic Arts

English First Additional


Geography Afrikaans Eerste Addisioneel


9:00 – 9:45


Geography   Afrikaans Huistaal

English Home Language


Visual Arts

Business Studies


10:00 – 10:45


Life Sciences


English Home Language Life Sciences


Consumer Studies


Afrikaans First Additional


11:00 – 11:45




Life Sciences


Dramatic Arts

Ingeneursgrafieka en Ontwerp

Engineering Graphics and Design

Dramatic Arts

Ingeneursgrafieka en Ontwerp

Engineering Graphics and Design

Agricultural Sciences



12:00 – 12:45



English First Additional

Ingeneursgrafieka en Ontwerp

Engineering Graphics and Design Toerisme



Dramatic Arts

Ingeneursgrafieka en Ontwerp

Engineering Graphics and Design



Afrikaans Huistaal



13:00 – 13:45 Afrikaans Huistaal

English Home Language

Ingeneursgrafieka en Ontwerp

Engineering Graphics and Design


Afrikaans Eerste Addisioneel

Physical Sciences

Fisiese Wetenskappe

Fisiese Wetenskappe

Physical Sciences

14:00 – 14:45


Computer Applications Technology Fisiese Wetenskappe

Physical Sciences


Life Orientation

Visual Arts Geografie



15:00 – 15:45 Computer Applications Technology Computer Applications Technology Geografie


Visual Arts Consumer Studies


Ingeneursgrafieka en Ontwerp

Engineering Graphics and Design

16:00 – 16:45 Geografie


Business Studies




Business Studies


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Our Legacy

Brainline has over 30 years of passionate experience in distance education.

Brainline strives to be an innovative, quality-driven e-learning distance education institution. Celebrating 30 years in 2020, we continue to do what we love — enabling more and more learners to achieve their National Senior Certificate through innovative distance education solutions.


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