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Please note the following updates to our BrainlineEXPRESS product noted in the downloadble brochure.

Grade 4-6 Brainlinexpress

The freedom to enjoy learning at your own pace.

BrainlineEXPRESS for Grade 4-6 allows you to choose and source study material for your child/a student, and provides an assessment portfolio that your child/a student can complete at his/her own pace.

Is BrainlineEXPRESS for Grade 4–6 the right product for you?

This is ideal if you:

Are able to source your child’s study material.


Would like to complete the CAPS aligned assessment portfolio in your own time and at your own pace.


Don’t want to be bound by timelines and set schedules.


Don’t necessarily have regular internet access.


Still want to comply with the legal requirements.


Want the option to obtain a Brainline report.

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January to September

Enrol for the EXPRESS portfolio at and Report-2-Go, should you wish to write the final examination through Brainline and receive a formal Brainline report.


Complete the included mid-year Self-assessment Portfolio items.


Revise the year’s work. Consider enrolling for Report-2-Go to obtain a formal Brainline report.


Write the final exam according to the set schedule (if enrolled for Report-2-Go).


Receive a Brainline report, if you enrolled for Report-2-Go.


All compulsory


Home Language



First Additional Language



Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

Admission requirements
Successful completion of the previous grade is recommended.
Enrolment period
Enrolment is open throughout the year.
Assessment integrity
Supervision by an independent invigilator is recommended during tests and examinations. An independent invigilator is required during the final examination if enrolled for Report-2-Go.
A Junior School BrainlineEXPRESS learner who wishes to qualify for a Brainline-accredited year-end report, must enrol with both the grade-appropriate BrainlineEXPRESS product and the corresponding Report-2-Go product.
Promotion requirements
According to the Draft Policy on Home Education, a parent/guardian may set his/her own promotion and retention requirements, provided these are equal to or exceed the standard requirements as determined by the national promotion criteria.
The product has been adapted to enable learners to succeed in either the CAPS or the IEB NSC (National Senior Certificate) examinations and is designed to aid seasoned home educators in completing the CAPS compliant year work assessment section of the various grades for each learner.

It offers home-educated learners the opportunity to self-assess their progress through the South African CAPS curriculum (year work) as required both by good educational practice and by law. Homeschooling parents are expected to make use of assessments that have been set by suitably qualified and experienced educators when compiling the annual portfolio of work for each learner.

The portfolio of work provides the necessary measurement of mastery of the required skills that is fundamental to education.

A Junior School BrainlineEXPRESS learner who wishes to qualify for a Brainline-accredited year-end report, must enrol with both the grade-appropriate BrainlineEXPRESS product and the corresponding Report-2-Go product.

The REPORT-2-GO option includes:

  • Year-end access to the CAPS-aligned subject content resources for use in preparation for the final examinations, including:
    • All recorded teaching sessions/lessons;
    • Content resources (such as notes, PowerPoint presentations, videos, additional past papers).
  • A fixed year-end examination timetable for the learner’s chosen subjects, which:
    • must be written on the prescribed dates and times;
    • must be submitted via the learner management portal (;
    • will be marked by Brainline.
  • A Brainline-accredited year-end Report-2-Go report.

Visit Report-2-go >

The junior school BrainlineEXPRESS product includes:

  • assessment items for year work to be a done by learners either under supervision of an invigilator (mostly controlled tests) or as their own work (mostly tasks and assignments);
  • marking guidelines for use by parents when marking completed tasks and formal tests;
  • a cover sheet to record all marks;
  • a safe virtual (cloud-based) storage space to save the work portfolio for record-keeping purposes. (Note that the uploaded portfolio of year work will not be marked or moderated by Brainline.)

The junior school BrainlineEXPRESS product excludes:

  • Teacher support (via any communication platform);
  • Live and/or recorded teaching sessions/lessons;
  • Content resources (such as notes, PowerPoint presentations, videos, additional past papers);
  • Technical support, should issue be experienced by clients due to malfunctioning hardware or software. (Note that the latter should not occur as the product is supplied in simple PDF format.)
  • Final year-end examinations;
  • An academic report.

A Junior School BrainlineEXPRESS learner who wishes to qualify for a Brainline-accredited year-end report must enrol with both the grade-appropriate BrainlineEXPRESS product and the corresponding Report-2-Go product.

Visit Report-2-go

50%+ for Home Language
40%+ for First Additional Language
40%+ Mathematics
30%+ in two other subjects


CAPS Aligned

Grade 4-6
R9500/per year
  • Follow a structured learning programme, based on the CAPS requirements, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Comply with the legal requirements.
  • Need academic support and guidelines from Brainline throughout the year.
  • Complete scheduled tasks, tests and examinations.
  • Tests and examinations to be marked by experienced subject specialists.
  • Receive progress reports after each assessment cycle.
  • Obtain a valid academic record for your child’s future academic prospects.

How to access your study material 

E-books can be purchased from
How to access your study material

Step 1

  1. Enrol at  
  2. We create a Microsoft 365 Student account for each learner, which they can access by visiting These accounts will be activated within 24 hours of receiving the Brainline welcome email, sent upon enrolment approval.

The Brainline learner will use his/her unique Microsoft credentials to log in to Snapplify at where they can purchase their digital books. 

Step 2

  1. Download the list of prescribed and recommend books for the year from: 
  2. Go to: log in with Microsoft, using the learner's unique account details that we provide upon enrolment. 
  3. Navigate to the shop and purchase each book in accordance with the list you downloaded in Step 1 that is relevant to your child. 

Note: Purchased books are automatically loaded to the Snapplify Reader and must be accessed there. 

  1. Go to and select your device type. Download the application/installer and install it on your device. 
  2. Open the application and log in with your child’s username and password (created in Step 2). 
  3. In the application, you will see the items you have purchased available for download. 
  4. Once you have downloaded the books, you can access the learner's study material.

If you need any assistance, please send an email to 

Printed hard copies can be purchased from Credobooks or Protea Bookshop

Please note: Not all study material is available in hard copy format.

Product Description

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Our Legacy

Brainline has over 30 years of passionate experience in distance education.

Brainline strives to be an innovative, quality-driven e-learning distance education institution. In 2021, we continue to do what we love — enabling more and more learners to achieve their National Senior Certificate through innovative distance education solutions.


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We see greatness in you

Brainline provides a safe educational space for any learner to discover their greatness and achieve their full potential. 

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