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Stretch-n-Grow with Brainline

Brainline has partnered with Stretch-n-Grow to bring new and exciting activities on a weekly basis to our students. Stretch-n-Grow is the world’s largest network of certified youth fitness instructors providing fun and engaging programmes for kids at their schools and in their communities.

They specialise in high quality, FUN exercise and movement experiences that kids LOVE, including Fitness, Dance, Sports and Yoga.

“When you feel good, you have a much better chance to make good decisions.” – Ming Sun
From From 25 January – 26 November 2021 we will offer a range of dance and fitness classes to our Gr R – 7’s.
Make sure you reserve your spot! Let’ get moving!

Yoga by Stretch-n-Grow

Yoga Gr R – 3
Mondays @ 11:00

Yoga Gr 4 – 7
Mondays @ 12:00

Dancing Stars

(Gr R – 3)
Wednesdays @ 12:00

(Gr 4 – 7)
Wednesdays @ 13:00

Kids Dance Party

Hip Hop/Modern
(Gr R – 3)
Thursdays @ 12:00

Hip Hop/Modern
(Gr 4 – 7)
Thursdays @ 13:00

Meet the Stretch-n-Grow instructors
Claire Boswell

Claire has extensive professional experience in dance, theatre, musical productions and film. She loves to share her knowledge and her love for dance with young people and is excited about meeting all of you online!

Claire will lead the Dancing Stars (ballet) and Kids Dance Party
(Hip Hop/Modern) classes.

Tamrin Feldman-Laporta

Tamrin is passionate about all forms of movement, from fitness to yoga to dance. She loves that her job involves teaching kids how to have fun with movement and that she is able to inspire them to lead healthy and active lives

Tamrin will lead the yoga practices.

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