More about Computer Applications Technology

Subject Topics


  • Systems Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Network Technologies
  • Social Implications
  • Information Management
  • Solution Development


  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Presentations
  • HTML (Web Development)
  • File Management


  • Requires the full professional version of Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft Office 365 containing these full versions will also be accepted. 
  • Compulsory practical examination in Grade 12 at a Brainline branch.
Career Opportunities
  • Fundamental computer skills that enable enhanced productivity in all careers and fields of study
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Professional or 365 including MS Access
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Laptop that can be loaded with Windows
  • Internet connectivity
  • Notepad++

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