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Fast facts about homeschooling and Brainline online school.


The Basic Education Department announced that Gr 7 and Gr12 students would return to school on 1 June 2020.

While uncertainty persists about when other grades will go back to school, many parents are reluctant to return their children to school at all – especially those with underlying conditions like diabetes or asthma – for fear of contracting Covid-19. There are also concerns that children may contract the virus at school and infect family members, as well as the elderly and the most vulnerable in communities.

A large group of parents are now turning to home schooling or online schooling options. However, it is easy to get lost in the maze.

At Brainline, our passion is to provide quality education to our Gr R–12 students, as we believe learners have the right to uninterrupted academic time. We make use of the latest technologies to ensure an innovative online option.

We would like to provide you with the most comprehensive information which will allow you to make the best educational choice for your family.

We know you as parents and guardians have numerous questions relating to home schooling and specifically, how the Brainline system operates. Please watch the following video that will answer the majority of your general questions:
Information Sessions

You are also welcome to join us for a free online session around the topic ‘Why Brainline?’.

During our information session you will be able to interact with our Brainline roleplayers:

Coleen Cronje


Rosa-marie Cronje

Financial Manager

Karen Reynecke

Director of Assessments

Liezel Bruwer

Student Mentor

Gerda Remmert

Junior School

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