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Brainline is proud to be the first online education provider recognised by the Independent Examinations Board

Brainline’s registration with the IEB assures you of quality assessment in accordance with national policy. This means that you can trust Brainline to provide you with valid qualifications, which are accepted at other schools and national and international universities.

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Junior Student
G R A D E  R - 6

Senior Student

G R A D E   7 - 12

Adult Student

G R A D E   10 - 12

International Student

G R A D E   R - 12

Special Needs Student

G R A D E   R - 12

Independent Student

G R A D E   4 - 11
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Brainline has given us the ability to ensure that our child is receiving the THOROUGH academic education she deserves. The curriculum is extensive and absolutely user-friendly. I love Brainline, and so does my daughter.

Tenille Pollard, Brainline parent

Thanks to a great team, going out of their way to create a supportive system for learners. During the times we live in, it’s good to know our kids’ education is in good hands. Thank you, Brainline!

Brainline Parent

The Response and helpful assistance at Brainline was refreshing. All my questions were answered and I received an email within a minute. Brainline is a professional online school that cares about their customers and future learners. The virtual school that runs daily and being recorded is to me the best perk.

Anel Calitz, Brainline parent


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Brainline has over 35 years of experience in education

Brainline strives to be an innovative, quality-driven e-learning distance education institution. Every day, we continue to do what we love — enabling more and more learners to achieve their National Senior Certificate through innovative distance education solutions.

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