Our accreditation

Brainline offers a quality curriculum and assessment programme in accordance with legislation. Learners who comply with the national policy requirements are awarded the National Senior Certificate, accredited by Umalusi. This NSC is a 130-credit certificate at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and is intended to provide learners access to further education. 


Brainline is proudly registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which is accredited by Umalusi, and known for their high educational standards and outstanding commitment to quality assessment. All Brainline Subject Heads are qualified and experienced teachers who are registered with the South African Council of Educators (SACE). These aspects enable learners to be assured of quality assessment in accordance with policy. This means that you can trust Brainline to assist you on your journey as you work towards your fully accredited National Senior Certificate.

Company Registration
Brainline Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Registration number 2019/463668/07
Director: Coleen Cronje
VAT number: In progress
Head Office

215 Veronica Street, Montana, Pretoria
Pretoria, Gauteng 0182
South Africa
(012) 543 5000

Brainline Standard Agreement
Software copyright notice

The use of Brainline’s software is subject to license restrictions. By installing or using our software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Brainline Standard Agreement.

Delivery policy

I am aware that all delivery costs, for whatever reason, including any shipping costs, postage, freight, handling, and costs of media, will be for my account, should I reside outside the borders of South Africa, or should my delivery address fall outside the borders of South Africa.

Expected Turnaround Times

  1. Upon enrolment, study material (DVD and/or textbooks) will be dispatched within a period of 7 days (in the off peak periods of October to December) or 14 days (during the peak periods of January to March), after approval of the online registration. Dispatch will not occur, should the required deposits not be paid.
  2. For IEB-aligned courses, release of task and assignments can be expected at the beginning of each term, in advance.
  3. Tasks and assignments are marked and results are released after 15 working days of the due date of the task/test/assignment. Marked tasks/tests/assignments and memorandums (where applicable) are released to the student within 14 working days after the last due date of the assignments.
  4. An examination letter, explaining common errors as well as exam guidance is released within 20 working days after the due date of the task/test/assignment.
Teamviewer disclaimer - Customer support

TeamViewer liability disclaimer:

  1. You are about to establish a shared pc session with a Brainline Learning World Support staff member.
  2. Warning: By starting the TeamViewer Software, you automatically acknowledge our liability exclusion statement regarding the use of TeamViewer.
  3. Liability exclusion statement regarding the use of TeamViewer: Brainline does not accept any liability for any installed programs on your computer, including any computer protection (firewall or virus scanner).
  4. Data security is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  5. Liability is restricted to intent and gross negligence.
  6. Brainline accepts no liability for faults for which it is not responsible, even if they occur around the time when the support is provided.
  7. By clicking the button you hereby confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the online support and starting of the TeamViewer software: Please note that this service is only available during our business hours subject to prior arrangement by telephone with our support staff.
  8. The advisor cannot access your PC without your express consent; The advisor cannot collaborate with you without your express consent; No third-party programs will be installed on your PC; It is not possible for data to be removed from your PC unnoticed and without authorization; You can end the shared session at any time.
Support Services Terms and Conditions
  1. By having your service/s listed in no way implies that you are affiliated in any capacity with Brainline.
  2. By choosing to be listed as Support Service Provider, you understand that you are making your personal details (such as contact details, physical address, support services, and other details) available to a public domain. Clients may choose to contact you or make use of your services at their discretion and cost. Brainline will not be held responsible for, nor enter into any correspondence regarding unsatisfactory products or services delivered to clients.
  3. Support service listings are available as paid-for subscriptions and are billed on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the support service listing subscription you chose when you added your listing to After your 30-day trial period, you will be billed automatically by our payment provider, Payfast, on 27th day of the month (once a month, if your listing has a monthly subscription; once a year, if your listing has a yearly subscription). Should you payment details change, it remains your responsibility to update it before the billing date to keep your listing active. Failed payments will result in your service listing(s) expiring, and you will have to renew your subscription before it can appear on again.
  4. Brainline reserves the right to reject or remove your listing at any time should there be any reason to do so.

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